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Does any of this resonate with you?

You spend more time than you want solving other’s problems, resulting in frustration at not getting your own tasks done

You want staff be more resilient to cope with change and the pressures of the job, avoiding overwhelm and absences

You feel frustrated that some team members are not achieving their potential, and you’ve run out of ideas to resolve this

You’re avoiding having those ‘difficult’ conversations you feel you need to have, because you’re concerned about negative repercussions, such as upsetting colleagues

Meetings and other professional conversations could be more productive, so that the limited time you have available for these feels well spent rather than wasted

Your current staff development programmes seem to fall short, and don’t adequately cater for development of some of the ‘soft skills’, such as teamwork, communication and time management

Imagine if things could be different …

You have solution-focused teams who rely on you less, freeing up time for you to do the things you want, including those higher-level tasks that you may have been taking home!

You have resilient teams who use a range of strategies to positively manage their roles, reducing stress and saving you additional costs due to staff absence or recruiting new staff

You’re using coaching tools and techniques that empower staff to achieve their potential, feel in control of their next steps, and are motivated to take ownership of their ongoing development

You can positively tackle those trickier conversations in a way that leaves the other person feeling valued and listened to, whilst ensuring you’re not leaving some situations to drag on unnecessarily

You have positive, productive and purposeful meetings with staff and other stakeholders, which are focused and include clear outcomes for all

You have developed coaching programmes that not only cover improving areas of practice, they also support soft skills and other topics such as confidence building

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Our Range of Coach Training Programmes

EMPOWER Programme

3 month coaching training programme, for leaders who want to create empowered and high-performing teams

EMPOWER Plus Programme

Advanced 4 month coach training programme, includes how to up coaching programmes in your organisation

ENRICH Programme

12 month programme, including EMPOWER or EMPOWER Plus training, continued development and supervision

Some of the organisations we’ve worked with

Fabulous training – something that will stay with me always both professionally and personally!

Simone Perkins

Dulwich College, Singapore

“Excellent course that transformed the way I manage staff development. This increased the capacity of staff, unleashed potential, and increased performance immediately.”

Phil W