I’m Debbie Inglis … leadership coach, trainer, coach supervisor, facilitator, reflector, creator, dog owner, and big fan of being in the countryside and by the sea.

I wanted to share some of my journey with you … my challenges and obstacles, my learning along the way, and why I do what I do now.

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My mission is to help leaders feel more fulfilled in their role, stay in the profession they love, and not leave through burnout or disillusionment.


My first career was in teaching. I was a Primary teacher, Primary Maths Consultant, Deputy Head, and acting Headteacher; jobs I largely found inspiring and rewarding.

However my motivation was hampered by the workload that goes with the job, my drive to be a perfectionist (something I’ve since discovered you can’t achieve), my desire to always help others (often putting them before my own tasks), and an unrealistic work ethic.

At the time, the only support mechanisms were the more traditional training or mentoring. The ‘Wellbeing’ agenda hadn’t arrived yet, and the standard response was ‘This is the job; stress is part of it!’

Deciding that I may not survive 20+ more years continuing in this way, I worked with a career’s company to clarify my transferable skills and identify other career options.

Three came out on top … Marketing (because of my creative skills), Charity Manager (because of my leadership experience, and I wanted to continue helping others in some way), and Life Coaching – which admittedly I’d never heard of in 2004.

Intrigued, I decided to explore ‘Life Coaching’ by attending a coach training session which was open to those interested in finding out more. By lunchtime, I was hooked and made the decision – This is what I was born to do!

So in July 2004 I had handed in my notice, and my coaching journey began.

Take the leap and the net will appear

When I told colleagues and friends that I was leaving a well paid and secure profession, I got a mixed response.

Some said I was mad to do this because I’d be giving up that security; others were curious to see if I could make it … not because they didn’t want me to, but because they wondered whether it was possible.

Sometimes when you want something enough, you have to trust that you have (and can find) the resources you need to achieve it. This worked not only for setting up and growing my coaching business, but also it works as a great coaching philosophy in general.

2005 to present day

Since qualifying as a coach (via Barefoot Coaching, and then a PGCert in Business and Personal Coaching with Derby University) I’ve grown my business from initially coaching leaders in small businesses, to specialising in leadership coaching and training in schools and large international organisations.

In 2008 I started training leaders in how to use coaching skills in every day professional conversations, and set up and deliver effective coaching programmes in their teams and across their organisation.

I achieved one of my big goals in 2015, when my coaching training became accredited by the Institute of Leadership & Management, leading to a Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching & Mentoring. Now known as ‘Empower Plus‘, this has also become accredited by the CPD Standards Office.

Another milestone was achieved in 2017, when I trained as a Coach Supervisor and started supervising other coaches. This led to founding my Supervision Plus Membership for Coaches, a community of coaches who inspire me on a regular basis!

Overcoming challenges

It might sound like it’s been one success after another … but this is definitely not the case!

I’ve really had to draw on my coaching skills and strategies that I’ve gained over the years, during my personal journey of self-development.

I’ve had 3 brushes with cancer, I’ve fought with imposter syndrome and a lack of self-belief, and I’ve nearly given up on my business (more than once!) particularly when we went into lockdown and all my in-person training stopped.

But the benefits of doing what I do far out-weigh the challenges I face … and the challenges have just made me stronger.

My ‘life CV’ is all the richer for these obstacles!

Perhaps the biggest reason why I do what I do, is that having coaching skills, a coaching mindset, and a wide range of personal development tools has given me (and my clients):

  • more resources for dealing with inevitable challenges
  • positive and creative ways to handle a wide range of situations with more confidence
  • the ability to listen better and ask great questions that get to the root of things more quickly, therefore saving time and avoiding misunderstandings
  • a way to set and achieve goals that’s tailored to me (or my clients)
  • a greater feeling of being in control

and much more.

I now have a clear sense of purpose … to teach, inspire and facilitate growth in others … and I love that I can share my coaching knowledge, skills and tools with others.


If you’d like to connect with me, arrange a chat to find out more, or explore ways we could work together, use one of the links below to get in touch or email me: debbie.inglis@squaretwo.co.uk

And if I can’t help you, but know someone else who could, I’ll connect you with them smile