The EMPOWER Plus Programme


An accredited 4 month Coach Training* programme, which includes how to set up coaching programmes in your organisation

*Available online and in-person (details below)

  In partnership with Wava Global

The course was incredibly helpful in supporting me to become a coach. Debbie is a fantastic trainer and provides a fantastic amount of supportive resources and strategies. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to becoming a coach.

James Fraser

(In-person course), Elsley Primary School

The 12 week coaching course was outstandingly well organised, led and structured. I can’t fault the skills that Debbie has in being able to bring a group of people together, taking them on a journey of personal discovery to enable them to become coaches with confidence 🙂

Andrew Wilson

(Online course), Executive Headteacher

The EMPOWER Plus Programme

Get real clarity about the features and benefits of coaching,

so you can make more informed choices about when to coach, mentor or train colleagues, for different support or development needs

Develop 6 Core Coaching Skills which you can use to help colleagues:

    • manage feelings of stress and overwhelm,
    • build confidence and self-belief,
    • find solutions to current issues,
    • increase productivity and boost motivation,
    • develop a deep level of reflective practice
    • … and much more

Build your coaching confidence through observing live coaching demonstrations,

followed by coaching practice in a supportive environment, which includes individualised written feedback

Learn how to structure dedicated 1-1 coaching sessions,

so you can confidently support each coachee to create goals which develop practice, explore issues and options, and conclude with key learning points and clear next steps

Explore a wide range of adaptable resources,

to support and enhance your coaching conversations, and which cater for different learning styles

Your own personal growth is an unavoidable byproduct!

The practical nature of this course means there are personal benefits too. E.g. you become more self-assured, clearer in your purpose, more assertive when facing those ‘tricky’ conversations, and much more!

Learn how to deliver group or team coaching sessions,

understand the benefits of these, and explore where these can be usefully applied within your organisation to maximise outcomes when working with groups or teams

Explore ways to create Coaching Programmes in your organisation

which could be stand-alone or supporting existing initiatives, such as Leadership or Career development, Wellbeing programmes, or as part of your Performance Management

EMPOWER Programme compared with EMPOWER Plus Programme

I thoroughly enjoyed this training course. Debbie is a highly skilled coach and trainer. Her theoretical knowledge combined with her ability to coach is what makes the sessions so effective. The course combines theory, toolkits, time to practise/reflect and feedback all in safe enjoyable environment. The training has changed my leadership style. I highly recommend this training to those in leadership roles or those wishing to pursue a career in coaching.

Julie Cassiano

(Online course)