The EMPOWER Programme


A 3 month Coach Training* programme for leaders who want to create empowered, high performing teams

*Available online and in-person (details below)

“I am grateful to Debbie for this high quality course and excellent delivery. The impact I have seen – especially in my staff who were new to coaching and are now far more confident and utilising the skills – has been tremendous. It’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

R. Moss, Headteacher, (London)

The EMPOWER Programme

Get real clarity about the features and benefits of coaching,

so you can make more informed choices about when to coach, mentor or train colleagues, for different support or development needs

Develop 5 core coaching skills which you can use to help staff:

    • manage feelings of stress/overwhelm,
    • build confidence and self-belief,
    • find solutions to current issues,
    • increase productivity and boost motivation,
    • enhance daily practice

Build your coaching confidence through observing live coaching demonstrations,

followed by coaching practice in a supportive environment, which includes individualised written feedback

Learn how to structure coaching conversations,

so you can create a clear focus, build momentum, explore solutions whilst keeping things on track, and conclude with clear next steps

Explore a wide range of adaptable resources,

to support and enhance your coaching conversations, and which cater for different learning styles

Your own personal growth is an unavoidable byproduct!

For example: becoming more self-assured and confident in your role, reducing procrastination or imposter syndrome, and much more!

EMPOWER Programme compared with EMPOWER Plus Programme

Interested in taking your coaching skills further?

Click below for our EMPOWER Plus Programme, which extends your skills & knowledge, and provides you with the tools and support to help you set up coaching programmes in your organisation