Group Coaching 

For leaders who value quality time to reflect on your role, re-connect with your vision, and find creative ways to solve challenges, whilst also enjoying the benefits that come with sharing experiences & ideas, and finding solutions with other leaders

Available in-person or online

As a leadership team we have benefited from leadership team coaching, which has been the most useful leadership development I have ever received. We plan to continue working with Debbie in this way, as the impact on our leadership approaches has been significant and is facilitating positive developments for all staff.”

B. James, LA Area Manager (Derbyshire)

For leaders from the same organisation OR leaders from different organisations

Benefit from quality time out to be strategic and reconnect with your vision,… you’ll be encouraged to ‘park’ your management role (it will always be there!), and focus on the important strategic elements of your leadership role

Enjoy the creativity that comes from a group of professionals with different experiences and strengths, resulting in a range of options from which you choose the best one for you (everyone takes away their own individual actions)

Benefit from a non-judgemental forum where everyone’s opinion is valued and respected

Find solutions in a group setting, where you bounce ideas off each other, rather than you ruminating about the issues going around your in your head and getting nowhere

Gain confidence and reassurance from peer support, and avoid that feeling that you’re on your own

Group coaching works well with:

  • leaders from across the same organisation, who are working towards the same vision, and want to focus on a common goal
  • leaders from different organisations, who have a common issue, challenge or development area

Themes include:

  • improving team motivation
  • managing team stress levels
  • managing difficult conversations
  • motivating disaffected team members
  • tools/strategies for promoting or boosting staff wellbeing

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Debbie, founder of The Leadership Coaching Academy.

Since qualifying as a coach and setting up my coaching business in 2005, I’ve worked with hundreds of leaders, from across the education sector, corporate organisations and charities.

As well as individual leaders, I work with groups of leaders who want to benefit from collective and creative thinking.

Here, it’s my job to help the group get clarity their focus area, then drill down to the specific goal we’ll be working on. Usually topic ideas are discussed before the group first meet to start working together. This is often part of the initial consultation or Discovery Call.

As with 1-1 coaching, I will draw on my skills, expertise, and resourcefulness to help the group come to productive outcomes. But there’s always learning that happens within the discussions, and reflection time afterwards.

My coaching style with groups is very much about bringing everyone into the process, providing a structure that ensures there’s a balance between a good pace and useful reflection time.

The sessions also include positive challenge and an agreement about confidentiality up front.

“I have found it very useful to have the opportunity to evaluate current practice and share experiences in a safe environment. It was exciting to be able to collaborate as a team, and realise we all have a shared common goal and vision.”

M. Craig, Lead Practitioner for Teaching & Learning (Witton Park Academy)